Beginner Soft Hook and Loop Gymnastics Grips

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Sizing and Ordering the Beginner Soft Hook and Loop Gymnastics Grip by US Glove. Here it is! Our Beginner Soft Hook & Loop Grip will help your kids move to the top of their class in no time. If getting it done right is your thing then these guys are gonna help get you there quick! US Glove sizing is different from grip to grip. Please make sure you're ordering the correct size for your grip! To order the Beginner soft hook and loop Grips, take a measurement, in inches, from the wrist to the base of the fingers. This beginner grip is a basic palm protector made of soft leather with hook and loop closures. You have your choice of 13 colors of VELCRO Brand Fasteners. Sold in pairs. Note: The color choice only effects the wristband fastener!

Order the size closest to your measurement. If your measurement falls exactly between sizes, order the smaller size. If you are uncertain whether you have measured correctly, fax a hand tracing of your hand and wrist to (800) 999-5408 and we will size it. Custom sizes are available for a small additional charge - call (800) 999-5408.

Up to 2 1/8"
XS2 1/8"
2 3/8"
2 7/8"
3 3/8"
3 3/4"

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