No time like the present to let you know how much I appreciate US GLOVE grips. After 35 years of all levels of athletes including Elite gymnasts, both men and women, I must tell you that your grips are 2nd to no one. The construction, the quality of leather, and customer service is just one of the best I've seen in our industry. Over all these years I have seen and tried everything. US GLOVE grips are our grip of choice and I hope to continue this tradition for another 35. Thank you again for your solid work and the consideration of safety that goes in to each pair you make for the athletes.
My daughter has been suffering from wrist pain since July (4 months) and has not been able to do her running tumbling since then. She is an all star competitive cheerleader and also cheers for her school squad. Both squads are counting on her tumbling skills this season, and sitting on the sidelines has been devastating to her. She had x-rays and MRI's, all clear, no sign of any physical reason for her pain. We thought she was going to either have to pull out or suffer for the whole season. As a last ditch effort to help her, her trainer suggested the Tiger Paw wrist brace and guess what. NO PAIN!!!!! I am so relieved, and she is ecstatic to be able to do what she loves again. I can not thank you enough. Anyone with unexplained wrist pain should try Tiger Paw. It has been a real life saver.
I used Tiger Paws in gymnastics growing up and now i have bought a new pair to use for CrossFit in my adult life. They are amazing and people ask me about them all the time!
After several sessions of aggressive massage therapy and lots of icing, my daughter's wrists still felt like they were gonna "snap" after any kind of tumbling in gymnastics. She tried a friend's Tiger Paws at practice and was pain free. Ordered a pair for my daughter that night and received them in three days, in time for her next competition, which she did great at!! Great product!!! Do not need to pursue physical therapy now! Pain is gone!
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