Buddy Lee Aero Speed Jump Rope

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Looking for the Rolls Royce of Jump Ropes? Give the Aero Speed a try! It represents the latest in innovation of all jump ropes on the market. it will make you feel like a pro and make you want to jump no matter what fitness level you are at. It is a Hyperformance Rope designed for the serious adult or youth athlete. It is made for ultra speed (5-6 turns per second) and power jump rope training. The Aero Speed has 6'' handles made of T-Grade Aluminum for superior quality, durability and look. It is designed with Buddy Lee's swivel bearing system that is technically engineered for eliminating friction, drag, tangling and allows smooth turning action in all directions. Customize the rope for your height in seconds with the Aero Speed innovative adjustment system.The rope cord and swivel bearings are replaceable. The swivel-bearing wrench is specifically designed to secure and replace the bearings to maintain years of Hyperformance jumping. Adjustable for people 6' 5'' and under. Please see complete sizing, adjustment and rope care instructions inside the rope card.Voted ''the smoothest, fastest, and best-balanced rope'' by Men's Health and was also featured in Men's Fitness and Men's Muscle. Available in blue and silver.