Golden Tiger Healing Balm

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Golden Tiger Healing Balm - This Stuff Works Enriched with Urea, Aloe Vera & Green Tea - for severely Dry & Cracked Skin. We're always looking for new products we think our customers will find useful, and we recently added some of the Golden Tiger line of products. This healing balm comes with a personal recommendation. I've always suffered severely cracked skin on my feet in the summer, too much running around barefoot. Over the years, I've tried more remedies that I can count and nothing ever worked until now! A friend gave me a tub of the Golden Tiger healing balm. After about one week of twice a day, my heels are completely healed up. I am amazed. Try this as an alternative to HandeBalm and come back and tell us what you think. I think you'll like it. Also check out the Golden Tiger pain relief cream and roll-on, especially if you are using Kinesio tape. 4 oz. tub, made with Eco-Friendly Ingredients! Includes 8% Urea to penetrate the skin and help retain moisture, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, and Green Tea Extract.