Single Tiger Paw

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This product is a single paw, not a pair!

Please refer to the table below when determining your correct size for Tiger Paws. While sizing is not an absolute thing, this will be the best guide available. If you happen to fall between two sizes, we generally recommend that you choose the larger size. Sometimes you only need one Tiger Paw, not a pair! Maybe you need a wrist support for bowling, or a little wrist support for the computer. Whatever your need, you can have them in either a left or right. Of course, they come in the full range of colors and sizes just like the Pairs of Paws. Tiger Paws are also available in a Water Resistant Version. This Tiger Paw is made of a lighter weight beige material that dries fast! It's a favorite with platform divers and any wet environment where you need wrist support. Choose the "Waterproof" option from the color pull down menu for this product.

SizeBody Weight
XSUp to 69 pounds
S69 to 115 pounds
M115 to 150 pounds
L150 to 210 pounds

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