Equip X-Fit Palm Protector

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Larger Crossfit Palm Protector - the Wait is Over Our basic Crossfit palm protector has been a huge hit, and we thank you. But we knew from the beginning we didn't have a product which would work for those of you with larger sized hands. So we figured if we had to tool up for a larger size, why not try and improve it as well. The new EquipX-Fit Palm Protector is finally here! It's not just larger, it's also wider, giving you much more protection to the surface of the hand. Having the larger surface also allows you lots of room to trim it down and customize it just for your needs. Available in 12 colors of Velcro closures! Attention! If you're not an ex-gymnast, you are not aware of the concept of fitting this type of leather product to for your hand! Click Here to download a detailed PDF instruction sheet to make your new EquipX-Fit Palm Protector fit like a glove. EquipX-Fit Palm Protectors are sold in pairs. Measure your hand and refer to the sizing chart below to get the size you need. Note: Color choice only effects the Velcro wristband! Size Measurement S 3 3/8" M 3 3/4" L 4 1/4" XL 4 3/4" XXL 5 1/4"

Sizing Guide (EquipCrossFit-sizing-instructions.pdf, 32 Kb) [Download]