X-Fit Hook and Loop Palm Protector

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Basic X-Fit Palm Protector This is our basic leather palm protector. It's made from a soft leather that breaks in easily. The closure around the wrist is accomplished with a hook & loop strap threaded through a D-loop and folded back over on itself. This makes for quick and easy on-off action. Many people wear them over a wristband, either woven cotton or neoprene. See the bottom of this page for our selection of wristbands. The finger holes can be sanded with a piece of dowel and sandpaper to fit your finger size. For larger sized hands, see the EquipX-Fit Palm Protector HERE! Note: Color choice only effects the Velcro wristband! Size Measurement M 3 3/8" L 3 3/4" XL 4 1/4" %%Panel.SideProductRelated%%